A gallery wall is a great way to give your home a personal touch and display your style. I personally love the Boho-style right now, the soft and earthy colors are so calming and stylish.

I always do it in different steps:

1. I find a color scheme and stick to it, it doesn't matter if you are into bright or soft colors, just stick to 3-5 different colors. But since it is a Boho gallery wall I am creating today it will be all soft and earthy colors.

2. I always plan it out on the floor and remember that practice makes perfect. I like to keep the posters in different sizes and that they have don't hang exactly right next to each other, mix it up a little so it doesn't seem to straight.

3. Framing is pretty important, and the frames need to reflect the style of the wall, in this case, I chose light brown wood frames to match the soft style from the posters and give the overall Boho look a boost.

4. Don't' forget to have the right tools like a hammer, wall hanging nails, a level, screws and screw anchors, all depending on how robust the wall is. For small and light frames you can use wall hanging velcro.

5. I always start out with one of the largest art pieces and work around that. In this case, I started with The Soft Eart Triangle Poster in size 24" x 36" as the starting point, it is rich in colors and goes well as a large center poster.

6. Mix your artworks up with all kinds of small plates, wooden shelves,  Macrame Wall hangings and other Boho-inspired interior stuff, if you want more inspiration on that subject, read my blog post/shopping list right here.


All of the artworks you see in this blogpost is designed by me and part of my Boho-Collection and you can get them all right here on my shop's poster category:

- Tres Chic Poster

- The Soft Ones Poster

- The Oister Poster

- Soft Earth Triangle Poster

- Natural Alien Poster

- Naked Boho Poster

- Connected Poster

- Boho Rainbow Poster


How to create a boho gallery wall


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