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How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell

If you want to learn how to write product descriptions that sell you have come to the right place, let’s get started yayy!

 When it comes to online shopping on webshops, it is important with good informative product descriptions. But it is also important that you talk to your audience in the right way. If your target group is young and cool, you shouldn’t sound too serious, and the other way around if you are selling a very serious product like medical supplies and legal advice, you need to have some authority in your tone of voice.

A good and comprehensive product description plays an important role on your way to getting a good conversion rate (If you are new to e-commerce lingo, conversion rate means how big a percentage of visitors buy something from your shop)

When your product descriptions enhance your product and tell the customer what advantages the product will give them and how it will make them feel, you have a bigger chance of selling and you will get higher placement in search results. 

Consider your product descriptions the ultimate sales tools, yes beautiful professional images catch the eye in the first place, but a good product description closes the sale!

Remember that your customer can’t ask you questions like they could if they visited a physical store, so by explaining size, functions, advantages, material and how to maintain it, you have already answered many of their questions.

What is a product description?

A product description is a text you write next to your products on your webshop. And it’s function is to tell the visitor on your webshop about how your products work and how to use them, this should lead your customer to buy in the end. But it is not enough to just write a short text before the product description is good enough to end up with a conversion. Oh no, you need to write it in a specific way, and your product description needs different specific elements to make the website visitor go crazy and click that SHOP button.


How to write a good product description that sell:

Before you get started on the whole writing project, there are a few questions you need to know the answer to first:

  1. Who are your target group? Who are you writing for?
  2. Which information do they need to know about the product to make a decision about buying?
  3. Why should they consider investing in your product?
  4. How does the description reflect your business?
  5. How will the product make them feel?

Your target group and their desires have to be the focal point in your product descriptions.

Words are everything for your conversion rate

Since the visitor on your website doesn't have the opportunity to hold the product in their hand, a product description is crucial for the evaluation of the product. Write product specifications and information in clear and articulate language, so it appears sharp and precise.

Write after this model when you create your product description:

  1. Your heading, H1-tag should always include what the product is, the name, and the brand.
  2. Write short sections, make it easy to read, and include the most important information, advantages, and functions. Include sales arguments, that evoke emotions, tell the reader what feeling they will get from buying the product.
  3. Longer product descriptions should include more text sections, remember to mark them as H2-tags when you write the text. 
  4. Create identification and come up with stories, that the customer can relate to. How will the product solve a problem, what needs will it meet? If they buy shampoo, tell them how shiny and nice their hair will look like. If it’s a luxury design watch, tell them more about how their status will be wearing it, they shouldn't settle for less.

Use positive power words like: 

  • Exclusive
  • First class
  • Chic
  • Proven
  • Flawless
  • Sophisticated 
  • Premium
  • Fine
  • Epic
  • Elite
  • Goddess
  • Timeless
  • Tested
  • Also

Also address any doubts and fears your customer can have, that your product will be a solution to, try to imagine a problem, that they don’t have to worry about when they purchase your products. Depending on what you sell and what your brand voice is, this is also the place where you should try to use a bit of humor in your text, and tell the reader who is this product for.

5. Include sub-bullets in your text that explain relevant specifications, this makes it easier for the reader, and search engines like to crawl an organized text, so make sure to add that too.

6.Alway finish the text with a call-to-action. Encourage the visitor to buy, put the product in the basket or another action you want them to take that can be of value for your shop, like making them sign up for a newsletter or fill out a contact form.

You should also use power words, that cause fear of missing out in this section:

  • Limited
  • Don’t miss out
  • Value
  • Quick
  • Running out
  • Last chance
  • Never again

  How many words should there be in a product description?

 At least 300 words. It can vary and if you get a good 250 words down, that is okay too, but I usually always recommend 300 words, the search engines love words ,and the more you can tell about the product, the bigger the chance that you will sell it.

The dont's of product descriptions:

When you write product descriptions there are some things you should stay clear from, so I have created a list of 3 things you should NEVER do when you write products descriptions. Below I have written a story from the real world, on what happens if you don’t comply with command number 1, it’s scary reading😱

The three commands of product descriptions:

  1. Thou shall never: copy a text directly from another place, not even from your manufacturer. Search engines do NOT like that and they consider it theft, and you will be punished for it by getting a bad ranking in search results (more in the story later on)
  2. Thou shall never: Use the exact same product description on several products. Search engines also consider this theft.
  3. Thou shall never: write something that isn't true or that your company cannot guarantee, this will make you look bad and give your shop bad reviews. People are way more likely to give a review when they feel like they have been treated badly, than if they had a good experience. Keep that in mind.


Now for the scary story:

I was once hired to help a company that had several webshops in different countries. They had always had a really good SEO ranking, which meant that they spend almost nothing on ads, and could use their budget for more exciting things like influencer campaigns and events, sounds like a dream situation, right?

But one day, one of the owners had a “brilliant” idea to merge all three online stores into English language only, so it was faster and easier to create product descriptions in only one language. But within a few weeks, they suddenly stopped getting visitors and sales. Not just in one of the stores, but in all of them, because Google saw it as duplicates, instead on unique content. Even though they ended up splitting up the online stores into three different languages again, they never restored the same good ranking. They lost so much money on turnover, and expenses on reversing the stores, that they never really came back to where they were before. All they should have done before starting a project like this was to research on the subject or consult a SEO consultant, then this never would never have happened. 


If you feel like you still need help with creating your product descriptions, so they are both written SEO-friendly, with a dash of humor and descriptive enough to make your visitors buy the product, then contact me and let's chat about how I can help you. Because this is what I have been doing for many years now, helping overwhelmed online store owners with:


  • Uploading and creating new products in their shop, done correctly with SEO-friendly text and images, so they can free up time to do tasks on their shop that they enjoy more, and creates a better turn over.
  • Create long-term newsletter flows that sell products.
  • Plan and execute long-term marketing plans, so you launch products on autopilot and always have a newsletter promoting them.
  • Write SEO-friendly blog posts that make your webshop found on google.
  • Design beautiful graphics that make your webshop stand out as a professional and sell more products.


Fill out the contact form below, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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How to write products descriptions that sell

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