I Love Mondays

The Ultimate Dated Digital Planner

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The 2022 life planner and calendar have launched!

This is the ultimate dated digital planner, I originally created this planner for myself, to get my s*** together, I wanted something that could help me keep track of my expenses, calendar, workouts, and life overall and give me something pretty and inspiring to look at, at the same time. This planner has helped me get my life more organized, improved my finances and I have become better at practicing gratitude for my life, and I know you will get the same kickass results from using it as I have.

My, I Love Mondays dated Digital Planner is a horizontal minimalistic, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Project, Budget, Travel, Investment, Workout Planner for the Goodnotes app on your tablet.

It has a soft minimalistic beautiful design in earthy and beige tones and colors.

There is a short guide below and in the planner on how to use the planner and how to set it up, but I will also recommend you to follow my Instagram, where I create videos weekly with tutorials on how to use your digital planner My Instagram serves as a community, where I give you tips on how to use the workout planner, that work really well for tracking:

  • Strength training progress
  • Running progress
  • Tracking and planning meditation and Yoga 

There is also a project planner that you can you for: 

  • Work-related projects
  • House renovation projects
  • Gardening projects 
  • Cleaning projects

Use the travel planner to make sure you have planned:

  • The right budget 
  • Made lists of everything you need to bring on your vacation
  • Plan what you are doing on your vacation

At the beginning of every month, there is a budget planner and an expense tracker, I also show on my Instagram how I use these myself to keep track of my own budget and make sure that I keep my expenses on a low, so I can use that extra money for my stock investments. And there is also an Investment planner template you can use if you want to get into stock investments and make your money work for you.

You can also open the planner on the Goodnotes app on your iPhone.

The planner comes with a yearly goal-setting template, where you write down how you want your life to look like a year from now. There are many extra templates, for notetaking and vision boards, where you write a diary and drag photos into your planner. The planner comes with stickers that you can use to customize your planner. All pages can be copied as many times as you like, and the planner can therefore be used as long as you like. On my Instagram account, I also have a tutorial on how to make it easier to use an undated planner faster, since an undated planner doesn't have as many dated links (which makes a dated planner easier to use). All video tutorials are in the Reels section of my Instagram 

How to buy and install this planner:

- Add the planner to your cart
- Pay for the planner
- When my webshop has received the payment for the planner, you can download the files
- When you have received your file, you can download it to your tablet and click import to Goodnotes.

This is a digital product, that you receive as a file, it is NOT a physical product. I do not accept returns, but you are always welcome to contact me, and I will help you with anything you need.
You need to have a tablet and the Goodnotes app installed on your device to use this planner.

When you buy this planner you agree that it is strictly forbidden to resell this planner or copy it in any way.
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