The tools I use to run my consultant and template business:
  • E-mails: Mailerlite, it is free up until you have 1000 subscribers. They have landing pages, great automation and fast and friendly customer service, also on the free plan.
  • Webshop: Shopify. They have all the great upsell apps and they have amazing customer service. If you are a beginner, I would recommend you to use Shopify over Woocommerce any time.
  • Brand development: Adobe Illustrator
  • Templates: Canva 
  • Illustrations: Adobe Fresco or Procreate.
  • Planning: I use my own digital planner to plan out my work week and I also use my google sheet to keep track of my business expenses.

These tools are amazing if you are just starting your business and you need a little extra help and also keep track of all of your expenses. 

i love mondays branding logo planners


Hi, my name is Line and I decided to start “I Love Mondays Studio” after years in the corporate world as a marketing and branding specialist, where business trips and late night event were my whole life and Monday was my least favorite day of the week. I used to work as a digital marketing manager for some of the biggest brands in the world, like Tefal, The Body Shop and e.l.f Cosmetic, but now I am a self-employed brand designer and planner creator.

I spend my time create graphic design resources, Canva templates, pre-made brands and planning tools that you can buy and use to start you own business just like me, and ditch the hamster wheel life where you have to spend too much time away from your family and the things you love.

This website and shop is my own universe and everything is created by me. Get my awesome I Love Mondays Planner, I originally created for myself to get my own shit togheter right here

Find graphic Design resources and Canva Templates like: Pre-made logo and branding kits, Social Media Graphics & Illustrations - Find it here 

My awesome planners has an Instagram where you can find tips on how create the life that you want, be more productive, reach your goals, tips on how to create a budget and stick to it.

If you are more into design tips and business tips, go follow my other Instagram page. And remember to follow me on Pinterest, where creative inspiration, business tips, planning tips and Canva tutorials and on the menu.

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