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My name is pronounced Lina and I decided to start “I Love Mondays” after years in the corporate world as a marketing and branding specialist, where business trips and late night events were my whole life and Monday were my least favorite day of the week.

But now I spend my time creating art, graphic design resources and planning tools that you can buy  and use to start you own little business just like me, and ditch the hamster wheel life where you have to spend too much time away from your family.

This website is my own little universe and everything is created by me: I have made all the art, Illustrations and graphic design resources you see here and it is divided into these categories to make it easier for you depending on what you are looking for:

Graphic Design resources like: Premade logo and branding kits, Social Media Graphics & Illustrations - Find it here 

If you want to work with me and use my skills as a graphic designer or Illustrator send a message here or simply DM me on Instagram. 

I offer worldwide shipping on my art posters - my style is bohemian water color art, line art, cubism and abstract art.

Wall Art - Find it here

My finally decision on creating my own business started when I had my son, I couldn’t see myself commuting and working away from him 45-50 hours a week. So my husband and I made a big decision, we wanted to live a simpler life with less work and more free time. That meant putting our summerhouse and apartment  up for sale and moving back to my cozy little hometown, where we could live a life with less expenses and closer to nature. 

You can find tips on how to become a designer and you will also find  all the awesome tips on how to start your own business on my blog. 


Follow my journey on Instagram where renovating an old house, raising a toddler, starting a business, wearing statement t-shirts and being a crazy plant lady is everyday life.  

Visit:  My Pinterest & Instagram

Always feel free to contact me, whether it is business related or you just want a new social media buddy. And I mean it. Give me a follow on either one of these accounts, send a little message and I will follow you back and support you, just like you have supported me.

Thank you for supporting a small business owner - when you buy something an actually person do a little dance, in this case it's me.

I am looking forward to getting to know you.