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Hi I'm Line (Pronounced Lina)

I used to work as a corporate e-commerce & digital marketing manager for some of the biggest companies in the world, like The Body Shop, Tefal and elf Cosmetics. I decided to start “I Love Mondays” after years in the corporate world, where business trips and late-night events were my whole life and Monday was my least favorite day of the week. Yes, I suffered from a severe case of burnout. So I slowly started implementing some strategies that helped me recover from burnout, like:

  • Automating
  • Long term planning
  • Developing a blueprint for a smooth-running shop
  • Hiring freelancers to do some of the heavy liftings. It’s usually faster, easier, and better to hire freelancers than permanent employees. If you are a small business owner you often can’t afford a permanent employee and if you work as a manager in corporate you know how difficult it is to get permission/budget for permanent employees. 


After I became a mother I decided to leave communting and working in corporate behind me, and start helping other webshop owners and corporate e-commerce managers ditch the burnout.

Now my mission is to help them to prevent all of these things from happening, by helping them out with some of their workloads and learning them how to strategize, automate and brand their business. Such as

  • Helping them uploading and creating new products in their shop, done correctly with SEO friendly text and images, so they can free up time to do tasks on their shop that they enjoy more, and they can make a better turn over.
  • Create long term newsletter flows that sells products
  • Help them create and execute longterm marketingplans, so they launch products on autopilot.
  • Write SEO friendly blog posts that makes them found on google
  • Create beautiful graphics that makes them stand out as professionals and sell more products


Contact me here if you want to work with me, you can read more details about my services and packages here. 

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