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Are You Ready to Take Your Webshop to the Next Level?

Are you ready to optimize your webshop and free up time, so you can work less or spend time on tasks that brings you joy and more income?

Take your webshop to the next level, where all of your products are perfectly SEO optimized, your newsletter-flow runs smoothly, your graphics are on point and you have planned out your products and marketing launches for months ahead. I help you make all of these things happen, so you can work on what you are passionate about, while you see the sales increase.


virtual e-commerce assistant consultant i love mondays 

Are you struggling finding the time to maintain your webshop and come up with marketing strategies?

Are these some of the things you struggle with?

  • Creating products in a webshop can be overwhelming, and from time to time boring, especially when you are not sure how to do the SEO correctly.
  • Making sure your graphics look professional is not easy when you don’t have a design background.
  • Creating a newsletter funnel can feel like an overwhelming task, even though you know it will keep your customers coming back for more.
  • Writing down and executing a long-term marktingplan seems like something only large corporations do, so you have completely given up on that?

The hard cold truth is, that you can’t do everything on your own. You are either sacrificing your time or you are making too many mistake on your way, ending up hurting your webshop instead of creating the sales machine you have dreamt about.

Does this sound familiar?

When some people open a webshop they think that it is easy money and that they to have to stand in physical store all day makes it easy money.I mean it sound easy right?

But the truth is: Creating a webshop is hard work, you have to SEO optimize, create newsletter funnels, create upsell, make sure it looks good and are branded.

Ditch the overwhelming feeling, that makes you postpone or do slobby work when you create new products, SEO optimize, create marketing plans. Beacuse you know you don’t have time and energy for it anyway.


Say goodbye to feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and say hello to start doing some of the tasks that you actually enjoy like creating the product ideas, taking photos, doing you social media. By letting me doing some of the heavy lifting in your shop.

 e-commerce marketing virtual assistant

Who am I and how can I help you with your webshop?

I used to work as a corporate e-commerce & digital marketing manager for some of the biggest companies in the world, like The Body Shop, Tefal and elf Cosmetics. I decided to start “I Love Mondays” after years in the corporate world, where business trips and late-night events were my whole life and Monday was my least favorite day of the week. Yes, I suffered from a severe case of burnout. So I slowly started implementing some of my own strategies that helped me recover from burnout, like:

  • Automating
  • Long term planning
  • Developing a blueprint for a smooth-running shop
  • Hiring freelancers to do some of the heavy lifting. It’s usually faster, easier, and better to hire freelancers than permanent employees. If you are a small business owner you often can’t afford a permanent employee and if you work as a manager in corporate you know how difficult it is to get permission/budget for permanent employees.

Now my mission is to help business owners to prevent burnout , by helping you out with some of your workloads and learning you how to strategize, automate and brand your business. Such as:

  • Helping you uploading and creating new products in your shop, done correctly with SEO-friendly text and images, so you can free up time to do tasks on your shop that you enjoy more, and creates a better turn over.
  • Create long-term newsletter flows that sell products.
  • Help you create and execute longterm marketing plans, so you launch products on autopilot and always has a newsletter promoting it.
  • Write SEO-friendly blog posts that makes your webshop found on google.
  • Create beautiful graphics that make your webshop stand out as professional and sell more products

Contact me below if you want to work with me, you can read more details about my services and packages right below.

Your webshop is the heart of your business. Let’s work together to make sure your shop is perfectly updated with your newest products, SEO texts, recurring newsletters that sell, and beautiful graphics.


Premium retainer package, The virtual E-commerce Assistant:

  • Create new products with SEO-text and images
  • Update existing products with SEO-text
  • Write SEO-friendly blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Graphics

Price: from 799 USD pr month (minimum 3 months)

Luxury retainer package, The Virtual E-Commerce Manager: 

  • Create new products with SEO-text and images
  • Update existing products with SEO-text
  • Write SEO-friendly blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Graphics
  • Set up long running newsletter funnels
  • Create a strategy and content plan
  • KPI report and analysis from Google Analytics

Price: from 1279 USD pr month (minimum 3 months)

Al la carté retainer:

  • Let me know your pain point and we create a package from here.

Price: from 1299 USD pr month (minimum 3 months)

The one time clean up:

  • This is for you who need help starting up a shop or cleaning up a shop as a one time thing, and want's to run it yourself from there.

Prices starts from: 1499 USD

Fill out the contact form right below and let's have a chat about how I can help you. 

I am looking forward to working with you.

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