How to Manage a 25 hour Work Week

How to Manage a 25 hour Work Week

One of my biggest goals when I just started working in my consulting business after my maternity leave ended was that I wanted to be so effective that i didn't work more than 25 hour pr. week, so to be sure that I don't waste any time I have my kids on part time in their daycare. They are in daycare only 4 days a week, from Monday to Thursday. I have read tons of books about productivity (I will recommend my favourites below this blog post) I love getting inspired by books, it's not all of the advices that fits into my life, but I have gathered the best and created my own blueprint for a 25 hour work week:


1.  I time block, every night I use my digital planner to write down next days plan, and I decide how much time I want to spend on each task. We all know that if you only have 2 hours to get something done (It has to be fair of course) you will get it done. This one is the hardest i think, because you really have to have the right mindset on this one, practice makes perfect.

2. I only check emails twice a day, around 10.30 am and then again around 2 pm. Emails are one of the things that I have been guilty of spending way too much time on, and I simply turn it off. Otherwise I sit around and answer email and wait for responses and analyse the tone in some emails (Yes welcome to my over-thinker world) 

3. Social Media is banned... I love social media as much as the rest, looking at post, falling down the rabbit hole and then suddenly you have spend 45 minutes looking at Instagram or Tiktok. Well if you do that, then you will have a hard time only work 4 days a week.

4. I batch work tasks, I work as a consultant within digital marketing, and I create a lot of content (which means I often neglect my own content) so I batch it. First i write all the texts, the I do the visuals and then I schedule it.

5. I minimize meetings, I already learned this when I was in corporate, there is always someone who thinks another meeting is a good idea. So try to have as few meetings as possible. It gets trickier when you are having your own business, because you really want to please all of your customers, but I have learned that most clients actually accept it when you turn down a meeting or ask if it's possible to make it online instead. Most of my meetings a very short.


As i mentioned in the beginning I read a lot of books, som of my favorites within the area of becoming more productive is:

1. The 4 hour work week.

2. Atomic Habits

3. Eat that frog

4 Atomic Habits

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