10 Non-boring Ways to Ask for a Product Review

10 Non-boring Ways to Ask for a Product Review

Are you tired of sending the same old boring review requests? Spice things up with these 10 non-boring ways to ask for reviews.

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how to ask for a product review

Let's talk about one of the most nerve-wracking things we have to do as business owners: ask for reviews. I mean, let's be real, it's like asking your crush out on a date. You want to do it, but you're scared of getting rejected. 

But fear not, my friend, I've got 10 non-boring ways to ask for a review that will have your customers falling over themselves to sing your praises! 

  1. Send a personalized thank you note with a gentle nudge to leave a review.
  2. Make it a game and offer a prize for the best review.
  3. Ask for a review in person and make it part of your customer service process.
  4. Host a review party (online or in-person) with food and drinks.
  5. Create a review challenge on social media and offer a reward for the most creative review.
  6. Use humor to lighten the mood and ask for a review in a funny way.
  7. Create a survey and include a review section.
  8. Offer a discount or freebie in exchange for a review.
  9. Share your own personal story about how much reviews mean to you and your business.
  10. And last but not least, simply ask! Sometimes a straightforward request is all you need.

And to help you more, here is a list of 10 call-to-actions so it get’s even easier to ask for a review:

  • Help us spread the love! Leave us a review today.
  • We promise to do a happy dance if you leave us a review. (And we might even share a video of it...)
  • Share the love (and help us grow) by leaving a review.
  • Don't leave us hanging! We need your feedback to keep on rockin'.
  • Your opinion matters (and we're not just saying that to be polite). Leave us a review!
  • The world needs to know how awesome your shopping experience was with us. Leave a review and make it happen!
  • Calling all happy customers! Leave us a review and help us spread the joy.
  • Help us become the next big thing! Leave us a review and join our journey. Reviews are like hugs, they make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. So go ahead and give us a hug (in the form of a review).
  • You're awesome, and your review would make us even more awesome. So please, pretty please, leave us a review!

You want more of this? Don't worry, I've got your back. Head on over and and download my free list of 185 non-boring CTA's & subject lines. Trust me, you'll never run out of creative CTA’s and subject lines again! 😎

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10 ways to ask for a product review

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