How to Reach Your Email Goals 10 Times Faster

How to Reach Your Email Goals 10 Times Faster

Wanted to share a bit of my journey with you and spill the tea on the 3 moves that totally transformed not just my own email goals, but also my clients ☕

I remembered when I first started my own business after 10 years in corporate and was used to working with email lists with thousands of subscribers. My number one goal was to build an email list fast! 

My next goals was to get my opening rate up and last but not least, convert that email list!

Curious to find out how I did it? I had a feeling... and that's precisely why I'm sharing them with you today.

How to Reach Your Email Goals 10 Times Faster

Experiment With Lead Magnets


Start experimenting with lead magnets - create at least one now. And make it valuable, the lead magnets that has worked best for me is:

💌 Quizzez (great for both product based and service based businesses)

💌 Mini email course (good for a service-based business, you can get a template right here)

💌 A guide that they can use and get actual results with (great for both product based and service based businesses)

Experiment With Email Subject Lines


Now how to get that opening rate up?

Experiment with different subject lines everytime you send an email, make it funny and exciting. Keep track in a spread sheet to see which ones performed the best. If you need ideas for subject lines and CTA's you can download my FREE list here with 185 ideas

How to Convert Your Emails Into Sales


Now for the most important step: How to make your emails convert:

1. Provide value: Serve your readers and give as much as possible away for free, so they really want to buy your product or service.

2. Use storytelling, aka: tell the story about yourself and your products.

3. Segment your list 

4. Use testimonials and reviews

how to build an email list

If email marketing feels overwhelming, then start by giving these steps a try and watch the results come as you implement them. They might sound simple, but they can really help you, and trust me, they've worked wonders for me and my clients.

And when you have implemented this, you can always go into more advanced email strategies

Need a little boost in getting your emails all set for storytelling? My monthly email templates could be just what you need.

Got questions? No problem at all—I'm just a DM away!

how to create an email list

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