10 tips on how to grow your traffic from Pinterest to Your Blog

10 tips on how to grow your traffic from Pinterest to Your Blog

This blog post covers: How to Verify your website with Pinterest - a step-by-step tutorial + 10 other amazing tips on how to get a good start with Pinterest, so you can increase the traffic to your website from your Pinterest profile and get all the amazing blog traffic you have dreamed about.

How to verify your website with your Pinterest account:

When you are a new blogger/webshop you have probably heard everywhere that Pinterest is the way to go, and it most definitely is. And some of the first steps to take is to verify your website with your Pinterest account. And why should you do this? Well if you are a business or a blogger this will give you a much better insight in analytics and your profile photo will show up next to the URL of your website, also people who visit your Pinterest Profile will see a small globe that is just next to the URL of your website, that tells visitors that your page is for real and that you are in fact the rightful owner of the store or website and that you have claimed the website.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to verify your website with your Pinterest on your Shopify Store.

how to verify your website with your pinterest account

If you use WordPress or another provider, the principle on where to insert the code is the same: above the bottom of the closing head tag, see the screen prints below. Another option if you use WordPress is to install the Simple Site Verify Plugin, from there you copy the section after content in the meta tag code. Then you just insert it and you are finished.

Start by going to your profile and click edit settings

Pinterest edit settings

Then go to claim: 

pinterest go to claim website

Then you pick your claim option, go and pick the add HTML tag option and click next.

pinterest pick claim option

A code will appear, copy it and head over to the backend of your website.

pinterest copy code


I am a Shopify user (and are you both a blogger and a shop owner, I would recommend you to use Shopify also, but more about that in another blog post) In your Shopify backend you go to online store -> themes -> actions -> edit code

shopify edit code for claiming website on pinterest


And yes, every time someone mentions code, you get nervous right? Me too, but if you want to be a webshop owner or blogger, it is a good idea not to be scared of it, a little basic is good to know. I am not saying you should take one heavy coding task, leave that to the professionals but a little goes a long way. 

And ALWAYS save a backup before you start messing around with code yourself, even if it is just a little insert like this one.

When you are in the code section of your backend, go to layout and click on theme.liquid

shopify theme.liquid

Then you go and the closing of your head tag, scroll down a little bit and it will look like this:

closing head tag shopify

Right above it, you paste the code you got from Pinterest, just like you see here and press save. Then you are done, easy right?

shopify inseert pinterest code


It can take a while for Pinterest to verify, usually about 24 hours. They will send you an email and you will be able to see the little globe next to your domain on your Pinterest profile when it is verified. Then you can go and view your analytics so you can see the activity from your webshop or blog. 

Check out my 10 other super tips on how to grow your traffic with Pinterest just below:



how to cerify your website woth your pinterest account



10 Tips on How to Grow Your Traffic from Pinterest to Your Blog:

  • Start by getting active in a lot of group boards, I am still in an early stage of my Pinterest journey, even though I have worked as a professional in online marketing for 8 years, none of the brands I have worked with previously was on Pinterest so I had to learn on how to get the traffic and shares from Pinterest that I had dreamed about when I started this blog. And group boards are the way to go. Since I am a lifestyle blogger and have different niches I am a member of both: food group boards,  mommy-blog group boards, digital marketing group boards, graphic design group boards, traveling group boards, home interior group boards, so spread it out on what you blog about. It takes time before you get answers and get accepted, and it is far from all group boards that accept you as a member, but just keep on trying. Another option is Tailwind Tribes, you are allowed to be part of 5 tribes on the standard membership. And they give you good analytics of who re-shared your content, I really like that, it gives me a good insight if I want to return the favor.


  • I read recently in my search for everything Pinterest that in 2020 Pinterest will prioritize new content as the main factor, this means that you have to start creating a lot of different pins for the same blog posts, but this is actually a good thing, then you can test wich of your pin-designs work the best. If you are completely lost in creating pin graphics and just want to get started, then fear no more, at the end of this blog post you can 5 free pin graphics, where you only have to change the text and the images, just sign up for my newsletter and they will be on their way. I have worked in branding and graphic design for years, so these babies will do you good. I usually create 4-5 pins to start with, then I have them for scheduling in Tailwind. Create at least 3 new pins every day, and create a new description every time you make a new pin.


  • Use keywords on your pins, yes you heard me. I am still getting used to this, even though I have worked with SEO for years, but the principles are quite the same on Pinterest. Go to the Pinterest search bar and enter something related to your blog post, then make sure you have it in your board names, on your Pinterest account bio and in all the descriptions on your pins and boards. But make it look good and not spammy, Pinterest doesn’t like that, just like Google don’t like that. Also remember to optimize your images for SEO, give ALL of your images a name related to your blog post or product or whatever you are promoting, this will make sure that you get shown in Google Searches. This also goes for alt tags, add keywords that you want your content to be known for on Google.


  • Use hashtags. Yes # is not just for Twitter and Instagram, throw in some # when you pin manually or schedule in Tailwind


  • If you have a skill, use it to create a freebie, not just for growing your e-mail list but also because of pins with freebies gets re-pinned a lot, everybody loves free stuff, especially if it can help you get more organized or save time. For instance, I use my skills from graphic design to create free Pinterest graphics and printables with calendars and to-lists.


  • Try using headlines on your pins that start with a question, it makes the reader curious, or something like: Try this or: This is my 5 minute secret to... Or How to...Try to make a different headline for all of your pins for the same blog post, again to see what gets the most re-pins


  • Have a CTA (call to action) in your pins and descriptions, tell people to click on your pin, visit your blog or buy your products. Tell people what to do, just like you do in your blog posts.


  • In the beginning, it can be hard to pin a lot, but try anyway, you should be able to pin most of your own content, but no beginners have that much content. I try to pin 30 times daily, I schedule it all in Tailwind around 2 times a week. And then I manually on around 10 times a day. So even though you don’t have so much of your own content, in the beginning, make sure to be consistent with pinning anyways, so Pinterest can see that you are an active user.


  • Make sure that your logo and URL are showing on all of your pins, so other pinners can recognize your brand, it also prevents your graphics from being stolen.


  • If you want more followers, you can create your own group board and invite someone to join, this will be more attractive when you have more followers, and make sure to tell people to follow you to get accepted on one of your group board.




Are you interested in knowing more about Pinterest and branding too? Then go to my tutorial on how to upload a board cover to make your Pinterest profile look even better and be more in line with your overall branding profile. And how to use Pinterest analytics to see what posts are performing the best.

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