How To Use Pinterest Analytics - a Complete Step-by-step Guide

How To Use Pinterest Analytics - a Complete Step-by-step Guide

This blog post covers how to use Pinterest analytics to get more traffic and clicks.

When I decided to ditch the corporate life with business trips, late-night product events and Skype meetings with company executives from the other side of the globe, I felt pretty confident that I wanted to start my own blog and that I wanted to use this platform to educate others in my own field of expertise: Digital marketing. 


And I feel like an expert in pretty much all the categories: Newsletters, SEO, Facebook advertising, Instagram, Affiliate marketing, Digital Branding, Influencer marketing and E-commerce in general, but somehow there was one thing I had never come across in my professional life and that was Pinterest, I mean I had a personal profile where I pinned recipes and stuff like that and I even had a food blog years back, that I had monetized a little and also had a Pinterest profile for, but it was on hobby level, back then I thought that I was supposed to be the big corporate boss-lady, so I did not pay much attention to my blog’s Pinterest profile nor the traffic. 


Of course, I knew that Pinterest had blown up to be this hybrid between a search engine and a social media platform and that if you were a blogger this was the platform to master. So when I started my blog recently I decided that Pinterest was my next online marketing field to master, I am still on the early stages of that journey, and that has led me to make this series of Pinterest tips for beginners, you can read the first one here about How to get your website verified with Pinterest + 10 tips on how to get started with getting traffic from Pinterest to your website and the second one is about: How to set up board covers for you Pinterest boards to get a cohesive brand look and attract more followers. 


And now to my third post in this series: How To Use Pinterest Analytics in 2020, because even though I started out as a Pinterest-novice I still had all of my many years of experience within digital marketing that I could use and one thing goes as the most important factor for all categories when it comes to digital marketing: make sure to track your analytics….also when it comes to Pinterest. And don’t be scared of the word analytics, when you know how to look at it and how to use it, it will become addictive, even though you hate numbers, just like me. 

When I had my first job as an e-commerce manager I was terrified just by looking at Google Analytics, and the company I worked for had us make a giant excel-sheet KPI report every Monday with a following up phone-meeting with one of the french executives, luckily I had an amazing colleague who helped me become a pro at no time, so I am hoping I can do the same for someone who is struggling to learn Pinterest analytics and help them get started.

How To Use Pinterest Analytics in 2020 - a Complete Step-by-step Guide:




You start by clicking on analytics in the left corner, see the screen print below.


The first thing you will see is the dashboard and on the left side you find all of the filters that you can use to analyze your data, let's look at them now.

Date range: You can see what has happened in the last two days and click on the specific dates in the calendar or you can pick one of the options between 7 to 90 days.



When you scroll further down you can see all kinds of interesting things like:

  • Content types that have worked, was it paid or earned.
  • You can see the numbers on your claimed accounts, right now I have only claimed my own website and my Instagram. 
  • Devices: This one is really exciting because even though mobile has become the most popular device at is also important to see what is coming from desktop. For instance, I have many tutorials on my blog, and they are just easiest to follow on a desktop.
  • Source: This is where you can see if your traffic is coming from your pins or from others. This is also a great way to see, not only which of your own content that is popular but also what others are making that is popular, it is a great way to learn from others.



How to look at the boards’ analytics:


For boards, you can see the stats on:

  • Impressions: How many timed your pin have been seen.
  • Engagement: How many times someone engaged with your pin, like saved or clicked on it.
  • Closeups: How many times your pins were clicked on and seen.
  • Link Clicks: How many times people actually clicked on the link of the pin (most important if you ask me)
  • Saves: How many times someone has saved/pinned one of your pins to their own boards.


 When you take a first look at other people's Pinterest you can see how many followers and monthly impressions they have and it is easy to get impressed by those numbers. But what you really want for yourself is link click. Because if no one clicks on your links, you do not get any traffic, and that is why we are all here, to get the traffic right?

For instance, even though my Brand Board Inspiration board get 5 times as many impressions as my Instagram Tips board, I still get more clicks on the Instagram tips board, there can be a lot of reasons for that, but it definitely tells me to focus on that and take a deeper dive into the pins analytics.

how to analyze pinterest boards

How to look at your Pins analytics:

 Just like with the boards you can see stats on:

  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Closeups
  • Link Clicks
  • Saves

Here I think that link-clicks are even more important to look at because if a pin got a lot of link-clicks it means that the headline, graphics, and the subject has been spot on. If it’s your own pin, do more of these. If it’s someone others pin, learn from them, but make it your own.




If you don’t want to do analytics every week, I will strongly suggest you do it on the first day of every month, see what has been working the previous month. See what has been working and what you have to change because there is always room for change. Maybe you are using your energy on something completely wrong, that people don’t bother to click on. Even though I am still at the beginning of my Pinterest adventure I have already, made new pins of what was working and I can see the immediate results of it. I will of course update this post regularly so you can see how my Pinterest traffic is growing.

When you have pins that are performing very well, you can start to boost them as ads and promote your pins even more. This way you will not waste too much of your ads budget on pins that does not work.

So my recommendations are to open up an excel sheet or Google sheet and make cells where you write down which pins and boards are the most popular. How many impressions vs click did they get? Do this every month to keep track of what is working and what is not. 

Do you want to see all of my Pinterest tips posts? Just click on the tag called Pinterest Tips and they will all show up. Next post in my series about Pinterest Tips will be how to use hashtags on Pinterest

Leave a comment if you have any questions or anything you think I should add to this post.






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