How to Set up an E-mail Welcome Flow Step-By-Step

How to Set up an E-mail Welcome Flow Step-By-Step

If you have never done any e-mail marketing it might seem complicated to set up your first automated e-mail flow. But I am here to help you with this straight to the point no fluff guide, when you are done with it you will have an automated welcome flow that sell products.

Before you begin, you need to go to Mailerlite and create a free account. Mailerlite can be integrated with all the best website platforms like Shopify, Wix, Wordpress/Woocommerce.

I recommend you to have your text and graphics ready, if you want a swipe file and ready-made editable Canva graphics, you can shop it here and if you want to write your welcome flow yourself I have have a whole blog posts about what it should include here

Okay let's get started:

I recommend Mailerlite for all new businesses because they have free customer service, they have great features, easy for beginners and they are free until 1000 subscribers. However, if you have another e-mail provider you can just use them. You can still follow the guide on how you should delay and use triggers.

 1. Create a free Mailerlite account, connect it to your website, and open it.

    • Go to automation.
    • Click on create a workflow and give it a name like "Welcome flow"

how to set up an automated email welcome flow

    • Click on email automation. Click on workflow trigger and click on "when subscriber joins a group". Then you create a new group called "New sign-ups" (Later you will create a sign-up form, don't worry it's super easy, and I'll show you how. Don't forget to tick the box called Activate e-commerce tracking for this workflow. Hit the save button.

how to set up an automated email welcome flow

    • Add your first email to the welcome series by hitting the + icon and selecting Email from the list of options. This will cause the email to go out as soon as anyone joins the group New signups. Fill in the required information and hit design email to create your welcome message. 

how to set up an automated email welcome flow

how to set up an automated email welcome flow

    • Click on the "Design email" button and then "create new" and then use the drag and drop editor. Remove the blocks already there, except the top block, which is a logo block. Click on it and click on change logo. Now you import your own logo. You can also delete the block and drag an image block from the right side of the editor. Click on it and insert your e-mail header. Remember to insert an URL to your store and check off the open link in the new tab.

how to set up an automated email welcome flow

    • Now you drag in another image block and you can use one of the large welcome graphics from my templates pack or you can create your own. Remember to link into one of your product pages, bestsellers are the best choice. Or you can use the small welcome graphics.
    • After that, you insert a text block where you insert the text from the text templates, or you can write your own. Remember to insert a button block with a link and call to action. Don't forget to customize the button with your own brand colors and font, you do that by clicking on the block and going over to the right side of the screen, click on settings, here you can change everything from alignment, color, and font.
    • Don't forget to check off the "apply to all newly added blocks" too, this will save you a lot of time. Add a call to action and link to one of your product pages.
    • Drag a gallery block into the email and add photos of your 3 best-selling products and remember to add links directly to them. Edit the helpful link section with a link to your FAQ page and return policies, this is something everybody who shops online want's to know. Don't forget to update your footer with info about your shop. Click done editing in the right corner

how to set up an automated email welcome flow 

2. Next step is adding your second email to the flow. Start by hitting the + sign, click the Delay block, and set the wait time to 24 hours. This will send the second email 24 hours after the first one.

Design the email like the first one, just use the text and graphics from the second email template in my template pack or create your own. 

Remember to add a product block under your text, and link to three different categories on your website so you can see what interest the reader the most, this will help you segment your emails later on. Also, remember you can insert divider blocks between every block to create more space. Click done editing and you set up another delay, set the time for 12 hours.

 3. Design the next e-mail like the first two, insert the graphics and text from the templates you have bought from me, or the ones you have made yourself, and remember to insert a product block with links, and click finish.

how to set up an automated email welcome flow 

4. This was the promotional e-mails and we now hope that the customers have bought something. Maybe they haven't yet, maybe they need to feel like they know you/your brand better than they do.

So now we added the final e-mail to the welcome flow. A relationship-building e-mail, where we tell the story about how it all began and some exclusive behind-the-scenes tips. In Mailerlite you click on the + in your flow and add a delay for 3 days. Then you click on + again and add the final e-mail.

how to set up an automated email welcome flow

Insert your graphics and text and remember to add a product block after the text. Even though this is a storytelling e-mail, we are still interested in selling something, right😉

Now your welcome flow is done, if you ever feel like you want something added to it, you just click on +, set the timer, and add another e-mail and now everything is running automatically. You can add as many e-mails as you like. This is why it's called a flow.

How a welcome flow should look like

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How to set up a welcome e-mail flow

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