The Most Important E-mail Flows You Need in Your Online Store

The Most Important E-mail Flows You Need in Your Online Store

Setting up e-mail flows and campaigns can seem overwhelming, but when it's done you will have automated some very important parts of your business that can make you a lot of money. This blog post will tell you about the most important flows to set up like: abandoned cart e-mail flows, welcome e-mail flows, and your monthly flow.

Welcome e-mail flows

 When you get a new visitor on your website you need them to sign up asap (There will be a more detailed guide on sign-up forms below) So how do you get people to sign up? Well depending on what kind of business you have you can offer them:

  • A discount
  • A freebie like a how-to guide
  • A free mini-course 
  • A free gift


Make it easy, simple, and enticing, you need to convince them that they will get value out of signing up to your newsletter.


A welcome series should be a series of four e-mails.


  • First e-mail should arrive in the inbox just after sign up.
  • Second e-mail should arrive 24 hours later
  • Third e-mail should arrive 12 hours after that
  • Fourth e-mail should build a relationship and tell more about you/your shop


The first email Is where you thank them for signing up and you tell them about your discount code, and remember to tell them that it expires.


The second e-mail is a reminder that to discount is about to expire.


The Third e-mail is like the first one, giving the reader a last chance to open the e-mail.


Always split-test your e-mails, with two different subject lines, later in this blog post I will introduce you to 20 different subject lines.


If you want a step-by-step guide on how to technically set it up in a free e-mail provider, I have one right here that's easy for beginners.

Do you want templates with written swipe files and beautiful Canva

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Why you should use popups and signup forms:


Every time you get a new visitor to your website or online store, you get the chance to get a long-time customer, since most visitors don’t buy on their first visit, it is important that you make them come back. You just need to snatch that e-mail address from them. And how do you do that, you might think? Well, first of all, make it easy for them to create sign-up forms everywhere on your website or online store.


You should also ad popups, but be more careful with these since they can come of as annoying. So make sure they have a clear and short message.


I usually work with Mailerlite or Klaviyo, which has popup forms included also in the free plan. But if you want some more advanced I can recommend you to use either:

  • Optimonk
  • Optin Monster 


Should you install one of these wheels where the customer can win something or a discount? To ne honest, no I don’t thinks so. If you are serious about you business and building a brand, make sure you also get customers whol loves you for your brand and not just the cheap stuff. And I have never experienced that the conversion rate was better because of wheel sign ups.


Rules for setting up a popup form:


  • Make sure colors and branding are matching the rest of the store. It is not always possible to find a font exactly like the ones you use. But try to make them as similar as possible.
  • Don’t show it too often, wait 6-8 days with showing it to a visitor if they have closed it without giving you their e-mail.
  • The timing of your Popups should be displayed before your visitor leaves, but not too soon. You can go to Google Analytics and see how much time your visitors spend on your page. In Google analytics you go to behavior -> Site content -> all pages. Find the 3-5 most visited pages and use that timing. So if your visitors spend 40 seconds, you make sure they get the popup after 30-35 seconds.

 GDPR Consent:

Don’t for get to create a consent box for your visitors from EU. It is required by law to get all your e-mail subscribers consent.


Abandoned Cart E-mail Flows:

One of the most important flows to set up is the abandoned cart e-mail flow. This will send you potential customers a reminder that they forgot something. The abandoned cart flow is often a series of 3-5 emails:

  • 1st. e-mail reminder will go out an hour after the visitor left the cart. There can be many reasons why they have to leave, so this will only serve as a reminder. But make sure to include all of the benefits of shopping at your store like fast shipping, great customer service, and flexible return. If you have good customer reviews, make sure to add them.
  • 2nd. e-mail reminder will go out 6 hours later. The visitor will be reminded that the product is still in their cart, but that it is a popular product and it might be sold out very shortly. Offer the visitor a discount like 10% off or 10 dollars off, depending on the price. Percentage discount often works the best. Also, don't forget to create some scarcity around the discount and let them know it will expire after 48 hours.
  • 3rd. e-mail will go out after 24 hours and is also a reminder about the discount. This e-mail should also include some of your best sellers.
  • 4th. e-mail will go out 12 hours later, if you can offer them an even better discount you should do it now.
  • 5th. e-mail will go out  1 hour before the offer expires. Create urgency and tell them they have one hour left.

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Don't forget to A/B test your e-mails with different subject lines

Add 2 different subject lines for a/b testing for all of your e-mails. The subject lines need to create a sense of urgency and also wake curiosity, but other than that you should keep it short and simple.

The a/b testing could look like this:

  • A: We've added a discount to your cart 🛒
  • B: Oh no, your item is selling out fast 😱 

The Most Important E-mail Flows You Need in Your Online Store

20 great awesome for abandoned cart e-mail subject lines, that your visitors will click on 

To get you started I have 20 great ideas that you steal and use in your abandoned cart e-mail flows:

  1. You've only got 24 hours left until your discount is expiring.
  2. Last chance to get your discount before it's gone.
  3. Boom Shakalak - You better get this before it's gone.
  4. Boom your discount has arrived.
  5. Let me introduce you to your new dress/glasses/shoes/furniture
  6. This is something you would regret passing on
  7. Wauww 20% off your favourite item
  8. We've added a discount/product to your cart
  9. Do you need help with anything?
  10. Did you forget something?
  11. Stock up on your favourite item, without breaking the bank
  12. Hey, did you forget something? Here's 15% off.
  13. Uhm this will be our last e-mail, your 20% discount is gone in an hour.
  14. Remember these awesome pants? They are waiting for you!
  15. Your discount just got an upgrade!
  16. You have good taste, get it while it's hot (and in stock)
  17. Seems like you left something in your cart?
  18. Your cart is about to expire - go get it!
  19. Save 15% If you complete your purchase within 24 hours
  20. Tik Tok time is running out, don't miss out on your offer.


Monthly Flow:

The next flow you need to get in order is your monthly flow that should be a mix of e-mails that sell products and build relationship, the flow could look like this 

    • A promotional e-mail showing off your bestsellers
    • A trust/relationship building e-mail that gives a guide on how to get the most out of the product
    • A promotional e-mail telling about a new product you are launching
    • A promotional e-mail telling about a specific product collection you have on your shop
    • A trust/relationship building e-mail that links to a blog post where you guide subscribers on how to style/take care of their product, or maybe an e-mail where you take them behind the scenes.

If you have these flows in order you are very well on your way to have automated your e-commerce business and make money on autopilot.

Are you tired of sending out countless emails to your subscribers and getting little to no engagement? Are you struggling to convert your email list into paying customers? Look no further than my email flow templates !Do you want templates with written swipe files and beautiful Canva graphics templates for these flows, you can shop them right here on my shop

Do you want me to do the work for you and set up your email flows?

I specialize in creating customized email flows for both service providers and product-based businesses. My 10 years of experience working for some of the biggest brands in the world like L'Oreal and Tefal will work with you to understand your target audience, goals, and brand voice to create an email strategy that will drive engagement and conversions.

With my email consultant services, you'll benefit from:

  • Increased engagement: My email flows are designed to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in your brand.

  • Higher conversions: My email strategies are focused on driving conversions and turning your subscribers into paying customers.

  • Brand consistency: I'll ensure that your email flows align with your brand's voice and aesthetic to maintain consistency and build trust with your audience.

  • Time and cost savings: My expertise and experience will be able to handle all aspects of your email strategy, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

If you need help with setting up your email flows contact me here


The Most Important E-mail Flows You Need in Your Online Store


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