How to make a freebie lead magnet in canva

How to Create a Freebie Lead Magnet in Canva

Canva has a ton of templates when it comes to lead magnets and workbooks and I use them to create my own lead magnets too. A lead magnet is essential for getting new potential leads to sign up for your email list and you should consider a lead magnet as the one of the top things in your marketing funnel. Even though Canva has lots of templates for lead magnets, you should make sure that you add your own text and ideas, so I have created a list of ideas for lead magnets that I know work well from experience:

Ideas for a lead magnet for service providers:

  1. Guide: Create an in-depth guide that addresses the most common questions, concerns, or pain points of your target audience. This guide should provide detailed information on how your services can help solve their problems and offer actionable advice that they can implement immediately. 
  2. How-To Handbook: Create a step-by-step guide that walks your target audience through the process of using your services. This guide should be focused on helping them achieve a specific outcome, such as how to improve their productivity, or how to save money on their business expenses. Industry Insights: 
  3. Write an ebook that covers industry trends, research, and best practices in your niche. This will establish your business as a thought leader and showcase your expertise in your field.
  4. Case Studies: Create an ebook that features case studies of your previous clients, highlighting their successes and the positive outcomes they experienced from working with your business. This type of content provides social proof and can help build trust with potential clients.
  5. A printable that can be used as a planner or a checklist.

If you are a product-based business the lead magnet could be:

  1. Candle scent guide: Create a guide to the different scents available for candles, including descriptions of each scent and suggestions for when and where to use them. This lead magnet would be great for people who are new to candles, or who are looking to expand their collection and try new scents.
  2. Candle safety tips: Provide a list of safety tips for using candles, including how to properly light and extinguish candles, how to prevent fires, and how to avoid injury. This lead magnet would be useful for anyone who loves candles but wants to ensure that they are using them safely and responsibly.
  3. 5 ideas to create a capsule wardrobe for a fashion shop
  4. A checklist to create a cozy home office for a home decor shop
  5. A guide to use your planner for a Notebook and planner shop.

In this guide, we will create a checklist that can help your potential client or customer.

  1. Open Canva and search for Lead magnet. If you want you can pick the one I have choosen from the image. It is available in the free Canva version and it already has a checklist we can edit.

how to make a freebie lead magnet in canva2. Start with adding your brand colors, fonts, logo, photos and elements.

how to make a freebie lead magnet in canva3. Write your text.

4. You can add more pages if you want it to be longer.

how to make a freebie lead magnet in canva

5. Remember to add links to all social media icons and your web address you add to the guide. You do this by highlighting it with your mouse and a little link icon pops up where you can add your links.

how to make a freebie lead magnet in canva

6. Save your lead magnet as a PDF and upload it on google drive or drop box

how to download a pdf from canva

7. Add the download link to your email sign up and get ready for more sign ups and customers.

This was the last lesson for service providers in the free Canva mini-course, however, if you have a product-based business and want to learn how to design product labels and thank you notes, go to the next lessons.


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