How to create social media templates in Canva

How to create matching social media templates in Canva

Now we are ready to create matching social media templates. First, we will create a few templates for a service provider and then we can create some for a product-based business:

Go to the right corner and click on: Create a design. Choose an Instagram post ( you can always resize them later) Also make sure that you have your brand board open in another window

So let's say this is for a coaching business, go to the template search bar and search for coach. Don’t forget to create a copy if you are insecure and feel you don’t want to move too far away from the original layout

Now you click on the colors that you want to change. Remember to have your brand color palette in the brand kit ready so you easily can change colors.

Click on the background color and change it into one of your colors, click on the elements and change them into one another color. 

Click on the text and change them into your brand fonts, click on change all at the bottom if you want the process to go faster.

If you want it to be in perfect in line with the rest of your brand, then you should also use some of the brand elements. Open the brand board and copy them into your template, remember to delete the old elements if they don’t make any sense being there and are not cohesive with your brand identity.

This is the before and after:

how to make social media templates in canva

Let’s make a few more following the same steps so we have some templates ready we can use when we are posting on social media.

A good feed is a perfect mix of matching graphics that provides value and connections with the viewer and photos of you and your work. I would start with creating around 9 graphic templates so I always have something to come back to. Remember to put these templates in the folder we created in the first lesson of this course. This will make the content creation SO much easier for you, when you have your batcht days, that you always know where to find your graphics.

Pro tip 1: Remember to add the logo we have made to ALL of your templates so your brand is consistent.

Pro tip 2: If you want your feed to look cohesive then use graphics at every second post and photos in the other. It is easy to stick to, just like in the photo below.

how to make social media templates in canva

Pro tip 3: If you still don’t have a lot of branding photos go to the Canva photo search bar and search for photos that match your brand colors like: Office beige and use them until you have your personal photos.

And now let's create some Instagram templates for a product-based business. When it comes to product-based businesses then it should always be product photos that take the most space in your instagram feed. But you should always have some templates ready to tell about product benefits and new offers, that is cohesive with the rest of your brand. As an example, you can see that is how the Body Shop does in their feed. I have worked for The Body Shop for several years and they are careful about how they use their fonts and brand colors, and they always make sure that their product is in focus

how to make social media templates in canva

To start creating let’s say we have a candle business. Open up Canva and create Open up an Instagram design. Go to the search bar and search for candles. Here is a template that creates some engagement, which is good because it makes people comment on your post.

You can also search for product benefits. if you have a product that needs a little explaining.

Do as you did with the other templates, copy the templates so you have something to compare with: and then change color, fonts, photos, and elements. See the photo below. And remember your feed should be mostly product photographs and only a few graphics. See the before and after below. 

how to make social media templates in canva

Now you know how to create Instagram feed templates. Let’s design a highlight cover:

How to make Instagram highlight covers in Canva

Go to the top bar and click on create design and go with the Instagram story size

how to make social media templates in canva

Click on the blank design and add one of your brand colors. Add either one of your brand elements or your logo in the middle. Download them and save them in a folder on your phone, so you always have one if you need to create a new highlight when you are on the go.

how to make highlight covers in canva

If you want some that are a little more detailed then go to the template search bar and search for: Instagram story highlight covers, where you get all kinds of suggestions. And then you can just add the ones that fit your highlights and add your brand colors.

how to make social media templates in canva

How to create Pinterest templates in Canva:

If you are considering a Pinterest account then let’s create a few templates you can have ready for posting:

Open Canva and go to create a design in the top right corner, choose Pinterest Pin templates size 1000 x 1500.

Do as you did with the Instagram templates. Pick 3-4 that you like and add your brand colors, fonts, elements, photos, and logo.

If you do this your Pinterest posts will be cohesive and recognizable. Just remember that Pinterest wants fresh pins, so always change up the text and the photos.

Pro tip: Re-size your Instagram posts into Pinterest size in Canva and use them for Pinterest Pins.

Pro tip: Re-size your carousels into Pinterest idea pins and reuse them for idea pins. MAJOR time saver.

how to make pinterest templates in canva

Now we have some social media templates ready to use in our folder, let’s go to the next lesson: How to create a freebie lead magnet in Canva.


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